Tracy Downtown Plaza transformed
a former parking lot into a gracious
civic space that anchors the city's
dining and entertainment district.

Located between the historic
buildings to the north and the new
transit center to the south the
plaza is  centered on four  
interactive fountain columns that
become a magnet of activity on
warm days while at night  are
illuminated with colored LED
lights.  Greens flank the  fountains
and accommodate casual
recreation and special events.

The space provides traffic calming
while connecting the transit center
with the downtown by splitting a
busy two way street into a one way
traffic couplet around the plaza.  
Flexible/ dining spaces with
decorative pavers front of the
storefronts, bringing activity
towards the plaza.
Custom fountain/ light plinths draw inspiration from the historic
downtown architecture
The downtown plaza instantly became a gathering place for the community with children playing in the fountains on warm days
A combination of hardscape and greens provides for a range of activities