Oakland, CA

1809 Park Blvd sits at a prominent
intersection close to Lake Merritt in
Oakland.  This handsome mixed use
building underwent several
renovations unsympathetic to its
neo- classical style including covered
transoms and mismatched storefront
windows.  Vargas Greenan did
historic research and worked closely
with the city and the business owner
to develop different improvement
options consistent with the
architectural style.  Improvements
stress restoring a continuity of
storefront elements across the
façade with a marble bulkhead,
storefront and transom windows and
restored plaster ornament.
Building before improvements
The combination of building and streetscape improvments transform the
quality of the public realm
Restored clerestory windows, marble bulkhead, awnings and restored details create repetition of elements across the facade
View showing the restoration of historic details
A color scheme was chosen that highlights the building's