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Redwood City Courthouse
Square introduces a grand, civic
space into the heart of the
historic downtown.  For years
Redwood City was in need of a
central gathering space and the
public boldly supported the
removal of an annex building to
restore the historic portico and
set the stage for a public plaza.
The project is ½ acre  located
between the 1910 Beaux Arts
Courthouse and the Deco era
Fox Theatre and includes two
pavilions with open breezeways
and cafe spaces adjacent to
fountain bowls that cascade into
lower basins.    

Courthouse Square was
recognized with a 2007
Congress for the New Urbanism
Charter Award and a 2008
California Redevelopment
Association Award of Excellence
for Public Spaces & Linkages.
The courthouse square accommodates a range of special events throughout the year
New pavilions and fountains frame the historic courthouse, creating a dramatic civic square
View looking through the breezeway of a pavilion towards the
The pavilion design draws on both the historic courthouse and deco
Fox Theatre for architectural inspiration
Nighttime view of the plaza with the stained glass courthouse dome illumintated