for FTS.  

Vargas Greenan provided
conceptual and schematic drawings
for the elevated skyline pedestrian
walk that links the different
shopping centers in the heart of
Bangkok.  Due to the intense
amount of pedestrian traffic and
exposure to the elements the
walkway shelters the sidewalk while
accommodating additional foot
traffic on the upper level.

Each section presents a different
architectural expression, providing
visual interest and a varied
experience for pedestrians.  The
exuberant modern designs use
forms that respond to Thailand's hot,
humid climate with large overhangs
to shade the walkway and cast
dappled shadows on the structure.  
Traditional Thai decorative themes
are inscribed on monumental
"lanterns" that serve as beacons for
each segment.  
The fluid forms along the Platinum department store segment
reflect the movement of the canal
Lanterns anchor each segment and provide varied experiences along the skyline
View of pedestrian bridge over the boulevard with internally illuminated tensile structure
View from the second level walkway facing the canal
An elevated plaza links two department stores