Rohnert Park Design Guidelines
City of Rohnert Park, CA

Rohnert Park was in need of a
cohesive approach to regulating the
design of new construction and
renovations of multi family, mixed use
and commercial buildings throughout
the city to introduce new development
consistent with its rural character.  

Through illustrative graphics and
concise language the guidelines help
to shape an image of the city that
encourages high quality architecture
and walkability while drawing upon
existing architectural precedents.  
Particular emphasis is given to the
renovation of numerous outdated
shopping centers with case study
before and after images that
demonstrate improvements to the
pedestrian and architectural qualities
of the centers.  The guidelines were
approved unanimously by Planning
Commission and City Council and
adopted in August, 2012.
Illustration demonstrating improvements to a hypothetical shopping center
Rendering of fundamental storefront elements
After image of improvements to a big box store with guidelines applied