Streetscape and landmark design
with FTB Urban Design

The Theater Way streetscape
transformed a nondescript side
street into a dramatic gateway into
the revitalized downtown. A dining
terrace that fronts the new cinema
building with restaurants at the
ground floor.  The overall design
with angled parking, through lane
and terrace creates a highly
pedestrianized environment with a
series of custom light columns
presiding over the terrace.  

Following construction completion
the street quickly fulfilled its role
as both a vibrant gathering space
and dining terrace for fine dining
or a quick bite before the movies.  
The project shared a 2007
Congress for New Urbanism
Charter Award with the adjacent
Courthouse Square.
View of the dining terrace before the movie and dinner rush
The dining terrace is a popular destination on weekends
The design of the custom light columns accentuate the entertainment district