Vargas Greenan is a multi-disciplinary Architecture
and Urban Design firm based in downtown
Oakland, CA.  We specialize in site and master
planning, housing and commercial design, façade
and tenant improvements, design guidelines,
design review, and public realm design. We strive
to create elegant and memorable buildings and
places and believe the greatest design integrity is  
achieved when presented with challenging sites
and programs.

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V A R G A S   G R E E N A N   A R C H I T E C T U R E   -   C I V I C  D E S I G N
 1 6 1 1   T e l e g r a p h   A v e n u e   S u i t e  9 2 6   O a k l a n d ,   C A   9 4 6 1 2    P.  5 1 0 .  5 2 7 . 1 6 4 8